Accepting Reprints

. is accepting reprints! Apply via Submittable to be featured on our website and mobile apps.

About magazine features a story every day, selected from literary magazines all over the world.

What We're Looking For

We're looking for fiction up to 5,000 words. Work must have been published by a reputable literary magazine or publisher. We're not currently accepting unpublished, self-published or vanity press work.


Any fiction genre is welcome except erotica, fan-fiction or overly graphic/explicit work.


We require submissions to be in US English.

Right to Reprint

You must ensure your work is no longer bound by contractual obligations to the original publisher. Check your original contract to ensure any exclusivity periods have expired. If your original publisher requires a mention on reprints, that's no problem, but you must let us know in the submission description field.


We pay $0.01 - $0.02 per word for accepted submissions, with a minimum of $20.


Our submissions are open and ongoing as our digital library is updated regularly.

Simultaneous Submissions

Because we’re only accepting reprints, and we’re not purchasing exclusive rights, simultaneous submissions are allowed.

Multiple Submissions

You may submit up to three times, provided all submissions have been published by reputable magazines or publishers.

Complete Works Only

All work must be a complete, independent story. Flash fiction is acceptable. Previews, series and excerpts are not allowed.

Submission Format

We accept Word documents, Apple Pages, rich text and plain text files.

If you have any questions about, please drop us a note at