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Thursday, July 10

I need a creature in my life, so today I went to the pet store. There were puppies (too jumpy) and cats (too aloof) and guinea pigs (too smelly). There was a red-tailed boa, and she was it. Above her red tail she was a lovely pinkish-pale yellow color. I named her Primrose. I spent half of the money Jim left on the things she will need. But the rest of it will be enough for me.

Monday, July 21

Primrose seems to like it at home. She is eating and drinking well. But I don't know if she likes her tank. Sometimes she looks through the glass for a long time. She might be lonely in there.

Otherwise, it's okay. I go to work and come home. I go for long walks. After I make myself some dinner, I check Primrose's water and make sure her tank is clean. And then I watch her for a while and go to bed.

Wednesday, July 23

Mom and Dad called, but I haven't called them back. I could tell them about Primrose and even text them some pictures of her. But they would definitely ask how Jim was, and I don't feel like lying.

Saturday, July 27

I think Primrose is definitely lonely. She keeps looking through the glass. She might like to be moving around more and to be out here with me.

Sunday, July 28

I filled today up really well. I went through the apartment and plugged up every possible hole. I used spackle for the smaller holes and steel wool for the larger ones. Behind the bed I found the book I'd been reading, The Jungle Book, that Jim had thrown—not at me, but in my direction—the night he left. I sat down and read the book again.

Monday, July 29

On the way to work, I took the top off the tank.

Thursday, August 1

Primrose has been moving around a lot more. I have to check the floor to make sure she hasn't pooped anywhere, though she is such a clean snake that I hardly ever find anything. I tell her she is such a good roommate!

Wednesday, August 7

Primrose has started to share my bed. I think she likes the warmth. Her skin is smooth and dry. It isn't slimy at all. Last night she wrapped the end of her tail around my big toe. It was so cute! I want to call Mom and Dad to tell them about her, my new roommate, but I am still not ready to tell them about Jim.

Wednesday, August 14

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and Primrose was looking at me, right in my eyes. I was a little surprised, but then we looked into each other's eyes for a long time, and it felt right. Sometimes roommates do share a bed.

Saturday, August 24

I am worried about Primrose. She hasn't been eating.

Friday, August 30

Primrose hardly ever leaves the bed now. She still wraps her tail around my toe, and sometimes my ankle. And she still looks at me. But she hasn't eaten for a couple of weeks. I've been staying home from work to keep an eye on her.

Monday, September 2

I counted up the money, and I can take Primrose to the vet, as long as I call Mom and Dad and ask for some help this month. It's fine. Roommates have to stick together.

Friday, September 6

Primrose and I went to the vet. It wasn't good news. The vet said she's found a new prey and she's fasting so she can get hungry enough to strangle it and eat it. He said she would never change now so he had to keep her and put her down. He put her in a box. It took a while to push her in there—she's still got some spirit! Then he got a phone call in the other room. I sat and looked at the wall for a while. The phone call went on. Then I decided.

I grabbed the box and ran.

Tuesday, September 24

In bed, her tail is around my toe and one of her beautiful primrose coils is around my knee. We look at each other at night, and in the day too. I stopped going to work a while ago. Better to be at home to make sure my roommate is okay.