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I’m Matt Brindley, founder of fresh.ink.

fresh.ink is a small team based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We launched in 2019 with the dream of supporting authors at all stages of their writing careers. In its first phase, fresh.ink is a platform that helps authors get feedback on their writing by privately connecting them to beta readers. We see this as an important last step before sending work off to agents and publishers.

We have deep-felt respect for the publishing industry. The published authors, agents and editors we've consulted with and follow online made it crystal clear: it takes decades of experience and the supportive shoulders of many giants to succeed in publishing. We think we've spotted an opportunity that gracefully complements both the traditional publishing world and self-publishing authors. You can read more about our approach here.

Our next phase is to launch fresh.ink premium, a digital collection of some of the best work to pass through fresh.ink. Every author included in our premium library is paid, either with pre-payment upfront (in cases where we buy reprint rights to already published work), or by profit-sharing based on page views (in cases where the work passed through fresh.ink). Oh, and authors never pay a penny.

A little more about me
I’m a product and software developer who loves a good book. Born and raised in the UK, I moved to Boston in 2010 where I met my wife, a writer and fellow book lover. I am a co-founder of Litmus, a software company that empowers email marketers by giving them the tools to test campaigns before they go out the door. Now in its thirteenth year, Litmus has grown to 160 people with offices in Cambridge, San Francisco, and London. While I remain involved with the company, I am excited to take what I’ve learned about the power of iterative testing to the publishing world.

If you have any questions about fresh.ink, please drop us a note at hello@fresh.ink.

— Matt

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