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Upload your best stuff. We're looking for complete, typo-free drafts so our readers can give you valuable feedback.

We're collecting work for the next few weeks before we open doors to beta readers — be first in line.
If your work is accepted, our nifty software analyzes your work for style, quality, and genre, and matches it to a handful of beta readers on our platform. If they like what they read, we'll share your work with dozens more. Your work is shown alongside already rated and previously printed high-quality work. This keeps our readers engaged and gives your work the best chance of being read.
You'll get detailed analytics on opens, chapter drop-offs, completions, and ratings. Readers who finish will be invited to join a private book club where you can discuss your work with them.
We're brand new, so we're running a contest to get things started. Submit now (it's free) to be among the first to get feedback and have the chance to win our launch contest!

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