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Saturday, Feb 22nd


. Erik Wennermark
When I found out I was sick I was happy. I mean, I was depressed for a couple of weeks, but then I started to look on the bright side...
Friday, Feb 21st

I Am a Conservationist

. Charlie J. Stephens
Georgie is twelve and doesn't give a...
Thursday, Feb 20th


. Jamie Brown
This is a work of fiction. This is not a work of fiction...
Wednesday, Feb 19th

Going Home

. Ioanna Carlsen
At the airport I have to make a phone call for someone to pick me up because my mother is at the hospital with my father, who has had a stroke...
Tuesday, Feb 18th

Macular Degeneration

. Robin Vigfusson
When I told Daniel the lime margarita tasted like a menthol cigarette, he asked me what that even meant. "Astringent. Sharp. Antiseptic." ...
Monday, Feb 17th


. Andrea Dreiling
In a split second they become so obvious, the two things that I realize. The first is that I'm pregnant, the second is that I don't know how it happened...
Friday, Feb 14th

People Are Just Dying to Meet You

. David Samuel Levinson
Marty Kepler sat hunched over the table all afternoon. Like the rest of the furniture in his temporary home, the table was cheap, its chairs mismatched. He wondered what Fritjof would have made of it all, of him, working on one of his "sad little stories" in the dining room of the famous writer's childhood home...
Thursday, Feb 13th

A Girl Cooks

. María Alejandra Barrios Vélez
I wanted to cook something simple and not necessarily typical of Colombian cuisine for the occasion: maybe pasta pomodoro or beef with asparagus. As soon as I heard my dad was being released from prison, I bought a ticket to Colombia and rented an apartment so we could spend some time together...
Wednesday, Feb 12th


. Sandi Sonnenfeld
"It wasn't the mall," I hear Jessica say. "He left her at a Safeway. Tied up in the trunk of her car." ...
Tuesday, Feb 11th

The Chinese General

. Peter Justin Newall
The first couple of days back on land after a voyage were always difficult for Viktor Krysanov. He had never suffered from seasickness, even when he was a student at the Marine Academy...
Monday, Feb 10th

No City for Young Bloods

. Chidiebube onye Okohia
Brown. Everything brown. Brown is the weight and hue of this city...
Friday, Feb 7th

A Stick and a Stone

. Nathan Alling Long
When I saw him standing six-foot-six in the sun-light glare of the Texarkana Greyhound station, I thought, That must be how other people see me, so tall...
Thursday, Feb 6th

Leda and Other Birds

. Stanley Delgado
There are many things I do like. The way the light passes through our blinds in the summer in perfect slits. The way the light, like today, in the winter, pours through the folds of our heavy drapes...
Wednesday, Feb 5th

Why We're Swimming with the Fishes

. Catherine Elcik
Because you've made me watch The Godfather eighteen times but won't watch Gone with the Wind with me...
Tuesday, Feb 4th


. Erin Jamieson
Lola, I called her. Her skin milky blue, her tiny fist curled around my hands. They let me hold her for a minute, let me bury my head into her yeasty body, still warm...
Monday, Feb 3rd

Today's Title

. Molly Horan
It was easier to get from one side of the day to the other, Erin had decided, if you gave it a colon, or specifically, something after the colon...

Some Objects May Appear Larger

. Devin Thomas O'Shea
As boys, Charlie Coughlin and Mike Benton knelt beside parked c­ars on the neighborhood's street curbs to twist small caps, no bigger than a pinky finger, off of tire valves and pocket them...

The Sacrifice

. Eliza Master
His sister traced the first words of the Quran with her soft fingertip. The boy held the book while she held Manel, rocking the infant in her small arms...

The shadows we make

. Evan James Sheldon
A girl finds the ghosts of jellyfish on a street corner.

Belly Breathing

. Bob Thurber
August and miserably hot. Unbearable, sweltering heat. The air's too thick to breathe, never mind prance around in a ratty wig and face paint...

Dogs, Stick People, Deer

. M. Shayne Bell
It began snowing in the night. By morning twenty-eight inches had fallen, and it still snowed...

He Cannot Hear Green

. Sally Ryhanen
His decline is gradual, but a mother knows. Giant teddy bear hugs become limp, and the child turns his head, leaving a parent's kiss floundering fishlike in the air...

Stiff As Boards

. S.B. Borgersen
The line of wash crackles in the freezing salt wind. "Stiff as boards," Ma says as she unpins the ice-encrusted flannel shirts, letting them fall like planks of cedar into the old tin bath she uses as a laundry basket...

Dear Robert James Waller

. Ellen Wade Beals
I loved your book, so romantic and tender. Bittersweet, I think that's the right word. It's plain as day you know desire...

And So The Stairs Went Up

. Abigail Pearson
I had to walk away. The stairs would only ever go up and up and up...

Tickling Stalin

. Michael Aliprandini
Kidnapping the old woman taught me far more than the respectable methods of Maximilian Delphinius Berlitz ever could. Kidnapping her goat was a boon I couldn't have foreseen...

The Return of the Wolves

. Edward Lodi
Winter came late to Deep Meadow Bog the year Mr. Barnes took sick. December never really happened...


. George L. Hickman
I know that they will appreciate seeing the hydrangeas in the window before they step through the door. I trim their stems over the kitchen sink and fluff their leaves out of the top of the vase...


. Larry Brown
Roots probes a husband's jealousy.

Morse Code for Romantics

. Anne Baldo
We were dressed to match the décor, pink peonies floating in glass bowls of water and gold glitter...